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believe in magic, believe in happy

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take one bite and feel magic in the moment

Those little moments that make up your life, the ones where you can feel memories being made—the ones full of undeniable smiles and shared laughter, of magic—that’s the world of Huer.

We live for the here and now, for the adventure of creation and the thrill of a delightfully crafted confection. For the ability to share and spread happiness, and to spark joy in the simplest of moments. It’s the sweetest magic, and it’s felt with each and every bite of our premium gummy candy.

Go on, magic is waiting for you.

A peach ring gummy

the best chewy candy, without a doubt

2 slices of fresh orange

Bursting with fresh, fruity flavours, and tangy, zesty sours, Huer candy is the perfect balance of delectably chewy and soft, gummy goodness.

Perfectly Sweet
Tangy Zesty Flavours
Fresh Taste
Soft Gummy Texture
Grab & Go Options

happy starts here

  • “Anyone who loves gummies should save themselves some effort and pick Huer. They're awesome. In particular the peach Penguins are just perfect. I have to make sure I don't buy too many since they disappear so quickly. They're consistently fresh. What else can you say about gummies?”

    Doug J.
  • “Simply perfect! The super sour mix is life changing. I'm a better person because these candies are in my life.”

    Louis A.
  • Huer Super Mix is my favourite gummy mix! It has the best texture and such fun shapes.

    Avery H


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