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happy starts here

a yellow gummy2 slices of fresh orangea few fresh strawberriesA peach ring gummy
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transform moments into memories

It’s secret smiles and overflowing hands while sharing a bag of candy you bought on a whim. Family movie night, snuggled into the couch wrapped in well-worn blankets while it rains. It’s eyes glowing with excitement and little ears waiting to hear the crinkle of a candy bag.

It’s big little moments, made bigger with the taste of pure, simple delights.

happy starts here

exist in the moment

We’re for the joyful, the light-hearted, and the carefree. For the people who live life loud and smile easy and often. Candy is warmth and happiness, wrapped in a soft, chewy texture and it’s meant to be shared.

For the people who believe in magic, happy starts here.

discover bites of delight that spark joy