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Where can I buy?

It's complicated.
Grocery and Convenience store items are purchased in a multitude of ways. Since we do sell product through various distributors as well as through our sales staff we are not able to know every location where our products are sold.
Some of the large chain stores that the public can purchase Huer products are Save-On-Foods, 7-Eleven, Organic Garage, Home Hardware, ToysRUs, Circle K, Whole Foods, Costco. 

Can I purchase directly from you?

This is one we get A LOT. We sell our products business to business. 

We DO NOT sell our products direct to the consumer. Yet.

We are currently looking into and considering the possibility of an online retail space however we are not currently able to accommodate it. 


If you are a company that would like to purchase Huer products to have in your store, please contact us so that we can put you in touch with the regional sales person.

Where can I purchase your products online?

We do not currently do online sales directly. Some of our clients and grocery outlets do! Please look up your local grocer or google Huer Candy to find online stores that do.

There is currently a Sensible Sweets Store on Amazon. Check it out!

Will you send me samples?

If you own a business and are looking to purchase Huer products to sell at your store, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the appropriate regional sales person.

If you are an online influencer or just enjoy our products please support us by purchasing in store. Tagging us in your Instagram posts is also great help! We are a growing national brand and may potentially be able to consider a sampling program in the future but for now we could use your support to grow our business to get there.

What type of gelatin is in your candy?

Most of our candies are made with pork gelatin. Huer only uses beef gelatin in a very limited number of the candies it produces and sells. If the package is labeled HALAL on the nutritional labelling, then the product is beef gelatin.


If you are looking for non-gelatin products, our Sensible Sweets® Fruits Gelees AND Vegan Bears are VEGAN and both products contain pectin!

Are you hiring?

From time to time we are looking to hire warehouse workers, production staff and office staff. If you have experience, speak, write and understand English fluently and would like to apply for a position with Huer Foods. Please email us your resume and cover letter to .


Please note that only those considered for an interview will be contacted. 

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